Shelly-The Traditional Facesit

Infinite AR - Episode 42208

"Oh yay!" Cries Shelly, who, although of legal age, looks to be no older than 16!

"I'm so glad you came to play with me, today, Mr! I'm Shelly, by the way! Do you like my outfit?" She says, twirling around so her skirt flies up, showing off her adorable, little girl panties.

Jim nods his head, staring wide eyed at her sexy legs and cute, shapely, bottom. He has now begun to grow excited.

"Hey, you want to see my panties?!" She says. Then, without waiting for an answer, she turns away from him and bends down to her toes, making a skirt ride up, well over her panty-clad posterior.

Jim finds himself beding over as if drawn to it, his face only inches from her crack. But just when he is about to bury his nose in her lovely mounds, she jerks forward, straightening back up.

"Well, gee, Mr! If you like my panties that much, you should play with me! Pleeeeeese?"

The pleeding is clearly not necessery, and Jim soon allows her to pins him down on the bench, straddling his body, with her butt right in his face.

"Ok, Now that I'm in position though, I want to see what YOUR undies look like!"

Jim's entire field of vision is filled with cotton she presses down firmly on his face. He then fills his pants being pulls down.

"Oh wow!" He barely hears her exclaim, "what is that! I want to see it!"

She begins grinding on his face, while grabbing the waist band of his underwear exposing his rock hard cock. "Oh wow," she says, now grinding even more, "its so big!"

Soon, she is riding him like a horse. It doesnt take long before she takes herself over the edge right in his mouth!

"I want to play with!" She says, still humping his face.

Soon, she is stroking his shaft, as he struggles to breath beneath his cotton prison. After just a few minutes, he spews everywhere, even qs she goes again. His screams of pleasure are muffled into her ass

After a few minutes, she releases him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "That was fun, mister! I hope you enjoyed my panties!

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  2. Jim Tries Another Aspect of the Gym

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