Infinite AR - Episode 42207

Jim was glad that he had actually learned to read, and decided to go into the facesit sauna. There were several different compartments, inside, each with a different name. Each compartment also had a different female attendnt by it. There was a sign which read:

' please read the instructions carefully. Males must be accompanied by one of our attendants. Please read the labels, carefully. So he did. The rooms were as follows

Shelly, and the classic traditional facesit,experience. Shelly was short and small, with dark brown hair, and wore a short, skimpy, schoolgirls outfit, with white, cotton, granny panties. "Just your basic, average, facesit.

Alison and the maternal babysitting experience. Alison was a tall, busty, middle-aged blonde, with a lovely, matronly face. She wore a short, frilly, babyish looking dress and no panties. Her butt was covered thickly in baby powder.

Madison was a tall, chubby, busty, black woman, with big breasts, and a huge ass. She wears a pair of purple spandex bloomers and a tight, purple t shirt. The sweaty, gasy, stinky, facesitting experience. An entoxicating experience for your nose.

Jessica was a tall, athletic, redhead, with nice, large, breasts, and muscular, but feminin body. The firm, face clinching, athletic facesit suana.

Jim finally decides on.

  1. Shelly and the Traditional Facesit
  2. Alison-The Maternal Babysitting Facesit
  3. Madison-The Smelly, Sweaty, Gasy Facesit
  4. Jessica-The Firm, Clinching, Athletic, Facesit

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