that middle aged lady look

Infinite AR - Episode 4186

Jim zapped Marcie with the device and the next thing she knew her clothes and hairstyle changed completely. "Oh wow," Jim remarked, and then Marcie look at him nervously. "What did you do Jim?" "Well, I could tell you but maybe you better check it out for yourself." She raced to the bathroom and checked herself out. She now wore black polyester slacks and a long sleeved teal sweater that was a V collar with black along the bottom thrid of it. There were black flowers in the teal area, and she wore a short string of gray beads on her neck. Her hair had gone from medium length to a short red bob cut, and she sported little gray stone earrings and teal low heels. "Well Jim, I think that...

  1. I like this style
  2. what were you thinking?
  3. what else can that device do?
  4. I can use that device on you?
  5. do something else to me as well

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5/30/2013 10:15:33 PM

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