Banishing the Brat

Infinite AR - Episode 41727

"Alright," Jim says after awhile of seeing her standing there, crying, "That's enough, now. Get out of my house, you pissy little Baby!"

She goes to get her pants, and Jim stops her, slapping her hand. "Ah, ah, ah! Big girl pants are for Big girls! Now go on, run along, home!"

The girl is shocked. She just cannot believe how mean Jim is being. "Jim, I know you're mad about me wetting on your couch, but I already apologized, and you punished me for it! Now, just let me get my pants, so I can go home! You CANT be mean enough to make me go home like THIS!"

Unfortunatly, his only response is to slap her sore ass, hard, making her yelp before breaking into even more crying than she had with the initial spanking. "You are an EVIL Person, Jim! And you will get yours! Just you wait!" With that, she walks out the door, slamming it behind her

Jim shrugs his shoulders. He drinks a beer and watches some tv before going into his room and going to bed. However, the next thing he knows....

  1. Nothing- He Awakens to a New Day
  2. He Awakens to Someone at the Door
  3. He Wakes up Wearing a Wet Diaper
  4. Someone Kidnaps Him.

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