Backfire Plan

Infinite AR - Episode 41726

Jim quickly grabs her by the arm slinging her over his lap, before ripping her pants and panties off, leaving her naked from the waist down. He then quickly starts spanking her bare bottom, hard!! The fact that her butt was wet from her own urine made it hurt even more.

"Teach ME a lesson," exclaims Jim, while still slapping her buns, "I think YOU'RE the one who needs to be taught a lesson! Big girls do NOT go around wetting their pants like little children! And AS FOR HAVING YOUR BUTT SMACKED, you'd better get used to it, until you can learn to behave like a big girl, because NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRLS GET SPANKED!!!

Jim continues the spanking until Clair's bottom is bright red all over, and she is crying like a baby. He finally helps her to her feet and sends her to stand in the corner with her red rump on display while he decides what to do with her.

  1. Send Her Away Without Her Pants.
  2. Put Her in Locking Rubber Pants Till She Cleans The Couch
  3. Make Baby Drink Her "Bottle" -(Suck Jim Off)
  4. Diaper Her and Put Her to Bed

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