Jim and Katie's decision

Infinite AR - Episode 41677

Jim used his device on the mother and toddler son and soon enough, they were turned into a teenage couple. As the two of them quickly left the bathroom in embarrassment, Katie began to think things over with the device.

"Jim, honey, I know we didn't want to get caught, but did we really have to do that to those people?" Katie asked concerned.

Jim thought about it for a second and realized that the change he had just made was pretty unnecessary and they could've just waited for them to leave.

"Listen, Jim, I want you to promise me something." Katie said to her husband. "What is it?" Jim looked up right into her eyes.

"I want you to promise me that you won't use that again on anyone." Katie said.

"But then what am I supposed to do with it? I mean we can't just leave it around the house, Wendy or one of her friends might find it and then ask us about it and then we'll be in a whole mess with that and then..." Jim began to go on.


Jim was very silent for a moment and looked into his beloved wife's eyes.

"Jim, I know that we may have some issues with Wendy growing up and discovering boys, but we can't keep her a child forever, and those college girls needed to be more polite, and Myra....well she's been our neighbor and friend for a very long time and what we did for her was a gift. But after what we did with that mother and son or teenagers, whatever you want to call them, just was too much. So Jim, as your wife, and best friend, please promise me you won't ever use that thing again and get it as far away from us as possible." Katie pleaded.

Jim looked at the device and realized that his wife was right, this was too dangerous for either of them. "I promise, Kathryn." Jim finally said.

Katie knew then that Jim was giving his solemn vow as he only used her full name when he was true to his word.

Jim and Katie left the bathroom and decided to leave the mall as well.

As the years passed by, Jim and Katie lived a happy life with one another. Eventually in time, George married Wendy, and Peter married Dani. They each had children together and Jim and Katie couldn't have been happier to be grandparents.

As for the age device? Well Jim and Katie kept to their word and never used it again and got rid of it, just how you may ask?

  1. They sent it to someone (new story begins here)
  2. They threw it in the trash (new story begins here)
  3. They sold it to someone (new story begins here)
  4. They dropped it nowhere in particular (new story begins here)

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