Goddess Fit Jim

Infinite AR - Episode 41426

Jim finds a place marked Goddess Fit Jim

" That's odd,' He thinks, 'Thats MY name.' Then as he walks in, he sees sports drinks and lockers. "Oh," he says to himself, "a GYM. Well, I wonder why they spelled it so weird."

He then walks up to the counter, where a cute, sexy, girl in a spandex halter top, sits. She is muscular, but in a very feminin way, like a gymnast or cheerleader, or majorette.

"Hey there, Sweetie," she says, smiling, "Welcome to Goddess Fit Jim.."

"Wait," said Jim, "This isn't a women's only gym, is it?" Just then, a tall, sexy, black lady, walks by, with powerful arms, a round, beautiful chest, and a massive, round, apple bottom

The girl at the counter beems at Jim

"Of course not," she cooes, "We love boys, here" She said, but the way she said it sounded to Jim like she meant to add "..for breakfast"

Today, we are offering a free trial for first timers. You look like you'd fit right in here. The way it works is, you get to try out one room for the day. Here is the list.

She hands the list to Jim, and he begins looking over it, wondering which room he should try, just as a tall, blond, Nordic looking woman walks by. Her arms are huge, and her chest is even bigger. Jim quickly makes himself go back to the list

  1. The Pool
  2. Disciplinary Class For Bad Boys
  3. The Physical Therapy Room
  4. The Nursery
  5. The Facesit Sauna

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