Very Odd Pet Store, Here

Infinite AR - Episode 41419

You are shocked, as you see, in the animal cages, not animals, but PEOPLE, HUMANS, male and female, and all of them are naked as the day they were born! Even stranger, is that instead of people running the store, and shopping, you see humanoid Anthro animals walking around and talking. Just then, one of the female anthros, a cat lady, spots you, and quickly comes over to you

As she approaches you, you find her both sexy and strange. Her fur is mostly white, with black patches on her belly and face, with her six breasts being completely bare of fur.

"Oh, Sweety," she says, quickly approaching you, "How did you get out? Come here, let me get you back in your cage.

Backing up cautiously, you debate weather or not to run. On the one hand, maybe once you leave the store, everything will be back to normal, on the other hand, this lady is SOO attractive; part of you longs to be "petted" by her. Not to mention, what if the rest of the mall ISNT still normal? What if you run out of the store, ipnly to find yourself as a stray "animal" in a world of anthros??

  1. Stay and Let Her Catch You
  2. Try to Run Away

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8/22/2014 12:08:03 PM

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