Public Diaper Change!!

Infinite AR - Episode 40412

Jim awakes after the strangest dream. He was with some hot chick who talked him into letting her put a collar on her, and then she diapered him and started treating him like a baby-he even USED his diapers!....wait, what is that smell?? Then, to his horror and shock, Jim realizes that he had NOT been dreaming! He was lying there in his own, wet, messy, diapers! Blushing, bright red, he looks up to see Claire, smiling down at him.

"Waky Waky, my sweet, little baby!" she sings, cheerfully!"

She then reaches down, and begins undoing his diaper to expose his messy privates!

"That's right," she says, "We wouldn't want to keep your audience waiting!

Blushing bright red, Jim turns his head away in disgust at his own stench. But then,her words hit him like a sack of bricks...! AUDIENCE!??? Jim turns his head and looks around to see that they are not alone, he is about to have his diapered changed....

  1. On Stage-at a Fetish Club!
  2. In a High School Girls Locker Room
  3. At a College Nursing Class
  4. In Front of Claire's Friends!

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7/23/2014 3:15:29 PM

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