Jim's new invention

Infinite AR - Episode 4

Jim couldnt that all his work had paid off, the invention he had been working on for months was finally finished. He couldnt wait to tell his friends he had created a....

  1. ray gun that could change a persons age
  2. mind switcher machine
  3. se
  4. You are Sharon
  5. A Time Machine
  6. reality changing device
  7. A TG Machine
  8. Age regression gas
  9. A robot Nanny
  10. Rut row jim
  11. Rut row jim
  12. a special remote
  13. Play Place for Adults
  14. Love Ray Gun
  15. Mind control Chocolate
  16. Cookies
  17. An interactive reality device able to cause certain events to occur in other universes
  18. A device that switches anything about a person with another
  19. Shrink Ray
  20. Disruptor Beam
  21. Device that inserts yourself into piece of media as a character
  22. Universe Hopper
  23. New Story!
  24. A Power Device that controls time... and is unpredictable!
  25. Mind control device
  26. A small black box
  27. A super-laxative
  28. Body Manipulator
  29. A simple youth potion
  30. The Energizer Bunny
  31. Remote control
  32. Ray Gun Redux
  33. Ultimate Fetish Desire Ray Gun
  34. Universal transporter
  35. Mind swaper 2.0
  36. Dream invader
  37. Shrinking forever
  38. Portal Gun To Any Fictional Universe
  39. It is incontentence!
  40. Hypnosis Ring
  41. A phone app.
  42. Extremely stretchy no spill underwear
  43. Mind Control Remote
  44. wheel spiner
  45. Infrared Body Control Device
  46. Special suit
  47. A diaper with a speacil power
  48. Jim made an diaper that can change the person into their desires when they wear it.
  49. A Diaper that Regresses the wearer
  50. Age regress device
  51. Age Camera
  52. The Hypno-Harem Gameboard
  53. Family Tree Wristband

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11/14/2005 3:09:42 PM

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