4 years later

Infinite AR - Episode 39956

4 years had passed since Sharon and Jim's eventful trip to the carnival. Jim was 5 years old. Luckily he kept his name. He of course once he relearned how to talk full sentences, tried to tell his new parents that he was once an adult but like the orphanage had said. All they heard with gibberish.

Jim had heard that his family tried to find him but eventually gave up. In his new family he was the youngest out of 3 (both siblings also being adopted). Jim hated he was now the youngest in a family where before he was the oldest. His new parents were nice but it wasnt his family.

Wake up sleepy head.

Jim woke up and rubbed his eyes to see his new mom waking him up. Each morning when he woke up, he had hoped the last 4 years was a dream. But each morning his new mom woke him up in his race car bed in his super hero bedroom perfect for a 5 yr old boy.

Today would be different because...

  1. It was the first day of Kindergarten
  2. Jim's new parents take him to a certain carnival
  3. Jim works on his invention
  4. During errands, Jim runs into his old family

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