The Disruptor Beam

Infinite AR - Episode 39920

For several years, Jim had been working in the field of non-lethal weapons development, with a specialty in directed-energy devices. It had been his hope that such a versatile weapon could be used both on the battlefield and in domestic law enforcement applications, leading to a very lucrative business and, perhaps, even a Nobel Prize. While research funding had been scarce, Jim never gave up; and he felt very blessed to have a few loyal coworkers as friends, sharing his enthusiasm and determination. As Jim entered the lab that morning, he was greeted by the pleasant sight of Dr. Cathy Jennings. She was already busy preparing the lab equipment for a test-fire of the focussed alternating vibratory oscillator ray (FAVOR), affectionately referred to as the Disruptor Beam. Cathy motioned Jim over and . . .

  1. asked him to help position the mirrors.
  2. gave him the bad news.
  3. gave him an unexpected hug.
  4. asked him to call in the new test subject.

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7/9/2014 10:42:56 PM

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