Its not a fun house its an orphanage!

Infinite AR - Episode 39881

Not long after Jim and Sharon had turned into babies after entering the baby funhouse. 5 women come in seeming to be immune to the funhouse's affects

Looks like we have more babies to put up for adoption said one of them

Jim whats going on. Why arent they turning into babies and what do they mean by adoption? Asked Sharon

Its because the carnival is a trap. It turns people into things depending on what you do and then the employees either put you up for adoption, put you in a zoo, nursing home, etc said a baby boy

How do you know asked Jim

I've been here for two days now. When the carnival ends they round up everyone and take them to their fates.

We have to escape.

Its impossible especially if you are a baby. Plus where would you go?

We have to try.

In the end..

  1. Jim and Sharonn try to escape
  2. Only Jim tried to escape
  3. Only Sharon tried to escape
  4. Jim and Sharon accept their fate

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