Time is sucked out of Steph

Infinite AR - Episode 39800

Steph continued to run, growing more and more tired as the years were taken off of him. She stumbled and tripped, grabbing a tile so she wouldnt get sucked into the darkness. She was lifted of the ground as she held on and her clothes flew off of her. She strained and pulled herself back onto her feet and continued to run. It was becoming more difficult to run as she watched her breasts dissapear. "Please dont! Josh where are you!?" She screamed, noticing her voice was much higher. As she drew closer to the door she reached out with her stubby hands to grab the door handle. The wind became too strong for her tiny feet to handle and she was thrown to the ground. "Dis ca be happeni! I no wa be agabah!" Steph sobbed. She tried crawling to the door but she had grown too weak. Finally Steph was pulled into the blackness as a helpless infant. Steph tried to open her eyes but couldnt. Steph had been sent back in time to when her mother was pregnant with her.

  1. Steph is forced to relive her life
  2. Steph is born

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