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Infinite AR - Episode 39322

Kitty pulls out a mind control ray and blast Laura with it" Just something to help you relax and feel good," says Kitty. Jim looked in shock, and asked"Kitty what did you do?" Kitty answered "I just blank out her mind, I could not let her come between us, lover." Laura had a blank look on her face. "Laura can you hear me," Kitty asked her. "Yes Kitty I can hear you." Kitty Told her "From now on I am your mistress, so after very answer you says mistress. Do you understand?" Kitty asked her. "Yes Mistress," answered Laura. "Okay Laura you been a naughty girl so get naked for me," commanded Kitty. "Yes Mistress," answered Laura. Laura strips completely naked and stands before Jim and Kitty. For a middle aged woman she still had nice big breast, round ass, and a hourglass figure. Jim was getting turn on just looking at her. Kitty asked Laura "Do you like Jim, Laura?" "Yes mistress,"answers Laura. "Does my boyfriend make you hot and wet ,Laura?" Kitty Asked. "Yes mistress, I have always been attracted to Jim," "Really, then you're just a dirty milf that like younger men, are you you filthy cougar?" asked Kitty. "While than if you are a cougar you need to act like one," told Kitty. "now crawl around on all four like the naughty cougar you are,"commanded Kitty. Laura drops to all fours and starts to act like a cat she lays on her back and stretches out. She then starts to clean herself like at cat. Kitty bends down at starts to pet Laura like a cat. "That my good cougar, now purr for me," tells Kitty she rubs Laura's belly. Laura starts to purr like a good cougar and enjoys Kitty touching her. Kitty lefts Laura's head and tells her" Okay cougar for now on you can't talk like a normal person you only can respond in meows little cat, got it?" asked Kitty. Laura smiles and meows at Kitty "that a good girl, but seeing how you're a cougar now you need a new name for Laura is a human name and you're no human are you?" she asked Laura. Laura then meows in agreement. "You name is now Puma, so when you hear that name you will obey< right puma,"asked Kitty. Puma meows in agreement."Now my obedient cougar why don't you give Jim so of the affection," she tells Puma. Puma crawls over to Jim and starts to rub up against him purring. She starts to lick his body and purrs more affectionately. Kitty asked JIM"Now what do you want to do with her , lover?"

  1. Change her back
  2. get a blow job
  3. have sex with Puma
  4. Have Puma pleasure Kitty
  5. make Puma younger

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10/9/2014 5:02:25 PM

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