He becomes her son, and then some

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Jim quickly realized that the idea of having the former daughter become her mother's mother did nothing to change that biologically Lionel was still her father. Reality may have changed to have made it the new normal that Alicia was now the mother of Angelica, but that same altering of reality did nothing to change that on a DNA level Lionel was still the father of Alicia. The thought sprung up as Jim observed his neighbors getting into an argument over Alicia's presence as the new mother. Jim guessed that on some level his device had triggered some sort of social mores which kept such things like incest from even accidentally occurring--a kind of deterrent to remind the user not to play God too much perhaps? How had that gotten in there, he'd wondered.

While it was something Jim would have to explore later on, thinking on it did nothing to solve the issues occurring in his neighbors' house. It looked like from what Jim could see Lionel was crossing to the phone--probably to call the police. He had to act fast if he wanted to solve the situation. So Jim quickly used the emitter to gather Lionel's information as he reached the end table where the receiver stood.

Lionel was thirty-seven and Jim quickly scanned down the list and picked an age towards the bottom. He then went down to the family, relationship, clothes, and reality settings and changed it so that Lionel would become Alicia's son and accept her as his mother. Without checking to see what age Jim had chosen for Lionel, he clicked accept just as Lionel picked up the phone to dial.


Back in the house Lionel was in the midst of dialing 911 when he suddenly stopped before pressing the one a second time as the beam from the device hit him.

"Why won't you believe me when I say that I'm you're wife?!" demanded Alicia, who the next moment was taken aback as she watched the man before her change.

Lionel was a reasonably fit man for thirty-seven with a tiny pouch at his belly and only beginning to go grey at his temples. The first thing Alicia took notice of was that the hair above his ears darkened once again to a deep brown, almost black, color once again, followed by his suit beginning to look a little loose at his gut and tight around his shoulders--which seemed to be widening with a bit of muscle growth--but he'd always had a hard time getting suits with broad shoulders, Alicia thought in the next instant as Lionel began regressing through his early thirties and then entered his late twenties.

The changes continued to be minimal as Lionel regained more muscle and lost his pouch completely through his twenties--but it wasn't until he hit twenty-two that his clothes suddenly changed from a navy business suit to a polo shirt, well-fitting jeans with ripped knees, and leather flip flops. A slight beard also grew out completing the transformation from serious adult to trendy college student.

"Sorry Alicia, I nearly forgot that it was my day to babysit little Angelica," said Lionel as he hung up the phone and put it back on its charging stand.

"That's all right Lionel, I'm just glad you could get her in time," replied Alicia as her memories quickly changed from thinking of Lionel as her husband to simply a local college student looking to make some extra money on the side while he studied. In truth Alicia had said yes to his looking after Angelica with the slight hope that she could nab him for herself.

Lionel's physique began to thin extremely as he made the transition from fully developed senior to a fresh-faced freshman. His broad shoulders while remaining somewhat broad, lost definition along with his muscles. His bear became thinner and more patchy until he became eighteen and it settled at a smattering of facial hair. Lionel at eighteen looked far more lanky, with his arms and legs looking more stick like without all the extra muscle growth to fill himself out.

The polo shirt's fabric grew thinner--fluffing out into a snug cotton t-shirt with a funny but smart alec print on the front. The jeans and flip flops remained but simply grew the slightest bit smaller to adjust for Lionel's shrinking waistline and narrower feet.

Memories of Lionel being from the local college quickly changed to his being in High School and a kid from the neighborhood in Alicia's mind.

"Thanks again for coming on such short notice, Lionel, I'm not going to be out for very long but I couldn't just leave her here or bring her with me. You're a life saver," said Alicia as she went over and gave a rather motherly and chaste kiss on Lionel's cheek, which was now smooth with the exception of the light colored peach fuzz he insisted was the beginnings of a beard.

The now sixteen year old and lanky as all heck Lionel blushed furiously and replied, "Aww, Mrs. G, it's all right, I... uh, rather like coming over here."

Alicia thought it was cute that he had a bit of a crush on her--maybe in a few years if he was still interested and filled out a bit... no, that'd be wrong, his mother would never forgive me.

As High School gave way to Middle School, Lionel lost his lankiness as he began to go through puberty in reverse with a sudden shrink spurt that definitely made him go from being a head taller than Alicia to about the same height as her, to quite definitely shorter than her. The flip flops disappeared for basketball sneakers and the ripped jeans mended themselves. The smart alec print on his t-shirt faded away to become a plain colored t-shirt.

All potential sexual thoughts of Lionel vanished from Alicia's mind and her hurry to depart stopped as she then walked over to the refridgerator to point out to a list of emergency phone numbers she'd written down on a sheet she'd stuck to it with a magnet. She was doing his mother a favor by having him look after Angelica and giving him the opportunity to learn responsibility through a job.

"And you have my cellphone number in case anything should go wrong," she said as she came to the end of the list for the short thirteen year old.

"Yep. Everything will be all right while you're out," assured Lionel eagerly.

Lionel's last vestige of puberty was when his voice transitioned from a scratchy tenor up an octave, and his Adam's apple disappeared from view in his throat, leaving him an energetic preteen who Alicia now thought she had to look after while his mother ran an errand.

Asking Lionel to play with Angelica--though they only were six years apart in age--was a bit much, so Alicia said he could go watch some TV while she made some dinner.

"Sure Mrs--Mom," answered Lionel as he lost yet another year, coming down to ten years old, and he a few more inches, and his clothes continued to shrink to adjust to his frame.

Alicia's memories of Lionel being the neighbor's kid quickly dissipated as she suddenly began thinking of him as her son. Her first baby, her little man who was getting to be so big these days.

As Lionel walked towards the living room to watch some TV he had to pass his little sister as she continued to play with her blocks. He began losing years as he walked, shrinking and regaining baby fat as he did so that by the time he was with his sister he was her age exactly and sat down to join her in building a tall tower on the kitchen floor as Mommy began pulling things out of the cabinet in order to make dinner.

As Lionel sat with Angelica his hair became a bit more unruly and more fine as baby fat made his gut stick out once again, his arms and legs become pudgy, and his cheeks become rather round. He stood up at age three and knocked down the tower he and his sister had been making and clapped delightedly as Angelica's hard work scattered across the floor. He lost another year as he cheered so, his underoos thickening up into a diaper, and his little jeans turning into overalls. His shoes disappeared completely in favor of baby socks with tread on the bottom.

"Fall down!" declared Lionel proudly as he squealed.

"Mommmy!" screamed Angelica suddenly. As she did, Lionel grew even younger, his already thin hair growing even thinner as his pudgy legs trembled and he fell onto his bottom, only to begin joining his sister in crying--his mouth beyond forming coherent words as he screamed.

"Oh Angelica, your baby brother doesn't know any better," pleaded Alicia as bags formed under her eyes and a tiny bit of fat appeared around her bottom. She was clearly exhausted from having so many children so young and so close together, especially since her husband had left her due to an early mid-life crisis as she had put it.

She put down the strainer she'd been pulling down from a cabinet and walked over and scooped up little Lionel, who grew even smaller in her arms, everything but his diaper disappearing from his frame. Her breasts were now heavier and she was notably rounder with chub still left from carrying Lionel. He was now nuzzling at her milk-filled breasts. He was hungry, and so was she and Angelica. God, she hated having a newborn.

"Hush baby hush," she whispered quietly as Angelica reached up and pulled at her jeans for her attention.

"Not now, Angelica," admonished Alicia as she crossed the kitchen with the purpose of heading upstairs to feed Lionel, but she never left the tile floor of her kitchen.

Instead she felt a sudden urge to take off her jeans and panties, which she did without thinking, taking care to step out of them as her still large belly swelled out a bit more as something inside her began forming. A moment later that feeling gave way to a grunt which had Alicia on the ground, landing on her butt. Lionel was no longer rooting at her chest but had quieted down. From out of her vagina slinked an umbilical chord which slithered up and attached itself to Lionel and then began to pull her son closer and closer to her labia. First his feet entered her, stretching Alicia's lower lips all of a sudden and suddenly Alicia was panting and in great pain all at once. The umbilical chord continued to pull, and next Lionel was in up to his tiny waist. Another contraction hit Alicia as he slipped in to his shoulders, leaving his bald little head sticking out. Yet another contraction hit and Lionel was fully pulled up and into Alicia's womb. The contractions lessened then and steadied as Lionel accustomed himself to his new home. Alicia panted, taking deep breaths. With each breath her belly shrank a few weeks more, until at last her belly settled at five months along and she suddenly found herself at a loss for why she was half naked on her kitchen floor.

"So the baby will come out there?" asked a curious Angelica, who had wandered over. Suddenly memories of her little girl asking how her little brother to be was going to get out of her belly had filled her head. She'd undressed to show her daughter just where he was going to come out and to explain why she shouldn't touch herself down there until she was much much older.

"Yes, Angelica, baby will come out right here. Just like you did," answered Alicia as she spread her legs slightly to show her daughter.

"He must be really really small to come out of that," stated Angelica bluntly.

"Well, it'll get a bit bigger when he's ready to come out, but yes, he's going to be really small when he does come, and mommy will need you to be very gentle with him."

As Angelica lost interest in her pursuit of the truth, Alicia rubbed her belly affectionately as she thought she felt a little kick, but it was likely her imagination. She'd yet to choose a name for her little boy to be, but for some odd reason, thinking on it now, Lionel seemed somehow appropriate. Yes, her little Lionel. She could just see plastering the nursery wall with cute little lion wallpaper.

Jim, who had expected Lionel to send up five years or five months old sat back stunned to see just how Alicia became the mother to her biological father. He really had to consider all the implications of his device now.

  1. Jim decides to become the Father
  2. Angelica joins Lionel
  3. Lionel is still getting younger
  4. Jim wants to become twins with Lionel, just to see what it's like
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