Cummy Blast

Infinite AR - Episode 38874

Jim began to tickle his brother's penis... not knowing what would happen. The giant penis began to swell and push Jim tightly against the padded wall of the diaper as Jim began to squirm and kick at his unfortunate predicament

"Tickly..." His brother said, his huge bits beginning to pee a sticky goo. Jim didn't think his brother was at this age already, but apparently it was. He squirmed even more at his predicament, exciting his brother...

It eventually happened when his brother started pumping big sticky globs of cum all over Jim, spewing seed all over the diaper front as it discolored from the outside. The ironic Elmo decoration on the diaper saying "We're going to have fun!" on the outside as Jim squirmed and whined inside. His brother still pumping cum, until some bubbled out the waistband and over the diaperfront...

  1. Jim survives
  2. Jim doesn't quite make it...

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6/29/2015 11:14:15 AM

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