Air sick

Infinite AR - Episode 38170

Jim barely caught his flight to Hawaii, as the plane was just about to leave the gate. As he boarded the plane he saw that the light was almost empty. the only passengers besides himself were a Women in her late 20's with a little girl about 3 years old and another women how looked to be in her late 30's. Since the flight was empty one of the flight crew invited all 4 to sit in first class, which they were all more then happy to do. Jim sat next to the older women, while the younger women and girl sat across from them. The women Jim sat next to besides being in her late 30's, was a large women, her name was Anne. Jim figured she must have been at least 6'4" if not taller. She was very well put together for a large women, not heavy, just big. During take off the little girl sitting across from Jim began crying very loudly. This continued non stop for about the next 45 minutes. Jim had enough, he turned to the girls mother and asked her to keep her quite that the noise is irritating him. Anne said to him. " Shes just a baby, she is just scared about being on the plane. Im sure if u were her age u would be scared to". To that Jim replies," Just shut her up or put her in the back where no one can hear her". Anne was not liking Jims tone one bit. "I think someone is a little cranky. Maybe your the one who needs a nap." To that Jim just huffed and looked back at his tv. After another 20 minutes the little girl continued her crying. Jim had enough, if her mother was not going to do anything about her crying he would. "Thats it, this crying stops now", He began to get up. Anne had enough of his childish behavior. He was now the one acting like a brat and small child. Then thats how she would treat him. As Jim was about to go past Anne, she grabbed him. Threw him on her lap and said," Your the one acting like a child now i will treat u like one. With that Anne exposed one of her very< very large breats, grabbed Jims head, put his mouth right on her nipple. Jim strugled with all his might it was no use, Anne was incredably strong. While his mouth was engorged with her nipple, milk began to flow into jims mouth, he had no choice but to sollow. The whole time he is fighting and flailing. Anne then says," Dont fight it honey, there is nothing u can do so just relax. As jim kept swollowing he was becoming calmer. After a few minutes, he stopped fight and was gently suckeling on Annes breast, drinking her milk. " Thats a good boy, once you finish, we will start u on the other". After a couple of minutes Jim was done. Anne pulled his head away so to start him on the other breast. When she pulled his head away jim Said in a babish voice and wimpering,"ME WAN BOOBIE MOMMY, ME WAN BOOBIE".

  1. GETS on plane
  2. Anne's New Baby Big Boy

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