Becoming Elsa (Universal Remote)

Infinite AR - Episode 37618

Jim thought he pressed the buttons for some science channel but instead, his mom's hair became brighter and brighter until it was a light blonde. Her hair than grew long enough for her to have a ponytail. Her clothing was also changing to the point of it becoming a long light blue dress.

Jim wondered what exactly was on the channel he pressed and looked on the TV to see that they were playing the movie, "Frozen".

"Oh my gosh, is mom becoming...Elsa?" Jim asked aloud.

"Did you want something Jim?" He heard a female voice asked.

Jim turned to see that it belonged to the woman/girl who was his mom and was now a real life Elsa.

"Mom, is that you?" Jim asked.

She looked around confused for a second before replying...

  1. "No Jim, I'm Elsa, your fiance."
  2. "No Jim, I'm Elsa, your sister."
  3. "No Jim, I'm Elsa, your girlfriend."
  4. "No Jim, I'm Elsa, your wife."
  5. S.E.
  6. S.E.2.

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