Mom TV (Universal Remote)

Infinite AR - Episode 37449

Jim came home and saw his mother just driving in. She got out of the car and he chose that time to press the 'pause' button on the universal remote. Jim watched as his mom shut the door behind her, then froze. But she didn't acknowledge anything was happening to her. Jim then pressed the 'volume up' button on the remote a couple of times and she gained some weight, but her clothes also changed to fit her new weight. Jim then hit the 'play' button so she could move again and she still didn't react to anything. Jim hit the 'pause' button once more, and this time also pressed the 'volume down' button on the remote which made her lose weight again. Jim then pressed the 'rewind' button on the remote and she regressed into an 18 year old girl with a very attractive body. Jim then hit the play button again and she walked inside the house like nothing had actually happened to her. Jim went inside to see that there were now pictures of him and his now 18 year old mother where she was her current age. "Now what would you be like if you were a nerd?" Jim asked himself as he made his mother...

  1. A nerd
  2. Fat again
  3. Channel Change (Different Race)
  4. Older
  5. Something Else

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5/21/2014 4:33:05 PM

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