Trying again but with more time to play now.

Infinite AR - Episode 37374

(If the name made no sense sorry!)....... ........ ........ ........ ......... ........ ........ ......... ......... ........ .... Jim decided to try for the age he was maybe potty trained at which he thought was either 4, 5, or 6 but at age 6 he knew he was only in need of protection at night for his bedwetting problems. So he hit the button for years and put it to 4-6 hoping it would only work on his body and not his mind too. Slowly very slowly his body started to get smaller and smaller. Going from 15, to 12 in only one minute the to 9 in the next. Then it started to get slower going to 7 at three minutes later then down to 5 a moment after. It finally stop at making him 4 and 1/2 years old with a popping sound heard all over the room. Jim looks in to the mirror before him next to the door of his room. His clothes had also been changing with him not knowing about it. He was now wearing a blues-clues blue/purple t-shirt, a very thick cloth diaper, and pink baby plastic pants with two small locks on each side. Jim was very happy he could remember the life he had before this change happened.

  1. Someone walks into the room!
  2. Jim did not have his door closed!
  3. Jim starts to shit himself with no control at stopping it from happening!
  4. Jim wets himself

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Jeffery (hope you all like)

11/1/2015 3:49:20 PM

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