Poopy Prison

Infinite AR - Episode 37025

Jim kept flailing in the poopy mess, clinging to the mucky padding. He was thankful to still be breathing right now. His mother came over, smelling the scent of his brother's messy diaper.

"Yeesh!" She said, picking up the baby by his messy diaper bum. This squished the poop in the diaper, making it flood over Jim as he flailed more, trying to stay afloat. "Let's get you out of this stinky diaper."

She hauled Jim's brother over to the changing table, ploping him on. This made the poop in the diaper flow downward, squishing Jim against his brother's butt cheeks once again. His mother laid his brother down, squishing Jim under the weight of his baby brother.

With only a few moments of air left, the diaper sprung open, Jim seeing the sea of poop that he was swimming in. He took a breath of fresh air, flailing underneath his brother's bum, his mother pulling out the messy diaper from under.

"Mom! Help!" He yelled. She looked off in the distance, thinking she heard his voice. This only accelerated her, as she balled up the diaper, squishing Jim in a poopy prison. He flailed and screamed as the walls of poop squished him, as he was eventually thrown back into the diaper pail...

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