Outside the Window

Infinite AR - Episode 370

Jim walked slowly to the window and looked toward the area of the crying infant. He saw Missi's outdoor lounger where he'd seen it many times before. Missi would normally try and get some morning sun and always wore a skimpy two piece bathing suit. Jim always enjoyed the view.

But on this morning Missi wasn't there. Instead, a bawling infant was in her place. A robe rested on the back of the lounger. Two pieces of floral print cloth rested near the baby. A pair of sandals were beside the lounger. Jim scanned the yard but saw no adults though. Just the baby.

His heart sank. Could that be Missi? Had someone used his invention on her?

He quickly dressed and decided he needed to get downstairs see what else had happened in his neighborhood. He had to get the device back!

  1. Jim raced downstairs to find two children at the breakfast table
  2. Jim opened the door to see a confused teen looking at her reflection in a mirror
  3. Jim saw two horny teens making out on the couch

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11/18/2005 12:16:32 AM

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