Lesbian Katie Enters the Story

Infinite AR - Episode 36783

Katie started to quickly grow older. In seconds, Her breasts were a C-cup, as she reached the age of 16. Her mini-skirt became shorter and shorter, revealing her panties. Her top got smaller and smaller on her aging body. Her breasts then grew to a D-cup. Her hips also changed as her ass became larger. By the time she stopped aging, 21 year old Katie noticed her regressed mother. Jim, whos the hot woman next to you? Her name is Kitty, why are you asking? because she is extremely sexy. I want her so badly. Katie said. Jim, can you leave for a while, Katie and I need to... get "properly" introduced. As Jim left the room, he saw his sister climbing into the bed, completely naked. Closing the door, he overheard sounds of passionate sex coming from the bedroom. Then he realized...

  1. He forgot the gun in the bedroom
  2. His mother and sister sounded younger
  3. His mother shot him with the gun

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4/24/2014 1:41:17 AM

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