It's Gone!

Infinite AR - Episode 367

Jim grabbed his laptop and booted it up. He'd have to make some changes in the code and then upload it to his invention. He yawned and looked toward the nightstand where he'd left the invention before falling asleep.

It was gone!

He first looked on the floor and around the nightstand, hoping he'd accidentally knocked it to the floor in his sleep. Then his eyes ventured further out, hoping to see it resting someplace that he'd forgotten about placing it.

He began to worry. Not only because his planned fame and fortune were in jeopardy but also because he feared what would happen if someone tried using the prototype device in its current state.

He tried to discount the notion anyone would steal it. How would they even know what it was? And who knew he was working on such a thing? His thoughts were soon broken by the sounds of voices...

...The voices of children! Instead of hearing the sounds of his parents readying themselves for work he only heard the voices of children downstairs.

From outside the window he heard a baby cry. That's odd, he thought... His window overlooked Missi Harter's backyard. Missi was 22 years old and normally this time of year Jim would spy on her as she sunbathed. What's a baby doing over there he wondered...

  1. Jim Gets a Sinking Feeling Looking Out The Window
  2. Jim Hears a Little Girl's Voice At His Door
  3. Jim Sees His Sister Heading Down the Street With Something Hidden in a Bag
  4. Jim Sees a Teenage Girl In His Yard
  5. Jim Sees a Teenage Boy In His Yard

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11/16/2005 7:25:24 PM

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