Short and Scrawny

Infinite AR - Episode 36614

Jimmy was adopted by a man at Lexcorp who's wife wanted kids, but couldn't have them. There were some issues, but Lex's wealth was substantial enough to make those dissapear. Poor little Jimmy tried his best to convince his new parents of what happened, but he learned too soon that these were just the sort of games a boy his age would play.

He went back to school and tried not to show off too much, so as not to draw attention, but still he was smart enough to qualify as a nerd. He made a few friends at first, but he learned of one other effect from the red kryptonite. He had become a pants wetter. Though he started wearing pullups to school, it was hardly soon enough to keep the other kids from noticing and he soon became the laughing stock of the school.

In junior hogh, he was equally unpopular, being the shortest in all his classes, and being told by his peers to go back to kindergarten. In Gym class, his old schoolmates from gradeschool would pull down his shorts to see if he still wore pullups. Then came his first propper crush, Jessica. But, just when she started to notice him, he had to get a big, ugly, and embarrassingly conspicuous brace on his teeth.

Summer vacations werealways dreadful. His adoptive father had worked the idea into his head that the boy would be a great athlete, and enrolled him in countless summer sports programs, none of which went well. In track he was always the slowest runner. Even big fat Jerry was a better runner than he was. But even worse was when they asked him to jump hurdles. He couldn't even get enough off the ground to clear his knees.

Highschool was utter hell. He stayed short, and never even once had to pick up a razor. His body was terminally child-like. Phys-Ed was a repeat of summer track and field, with a few added points in swimming and weightlifting where he had so far benched a full ten pounds at once. It wasn't until well on later in life that he looked any older than twelve. He was well over twenty eight before they stopped asking for his idm, not only at bars, but at movies as well.

One upside, though, at least he had a job waiting at Lex corp. So did every one in the country thanks to president Luthor, America's best president, twelve years and counting. As the new anthem goes, "God bless Lex Luthor!"

  1. Jim wakes up from a weird and terrifying dream...

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