Too easy

Infinite AR - Episode 366

As Jim fiddled with his new invention, the door to his room opened as him mom walked in.

'Oh, Jim, are you playing with your models again?' She said as she tried to look over his shoulder.

Jim looked up at her. 'Mom, can I get a little privacy?'

'Oh, sorry, honey. I'll just get out of your hair now...' She said as she turned.

Jim turned his head to look at her. She was wearing a pair of khaki capris with a white and yellow striped tank top. Her hair, eternally stuck in the past, would make June Cleaver jealous. He looked at the device and grinned maliciously.

'Oh, Mom, there is something you can do for me.'

She turned. 'Oh, what is it, ho...' Her sentence was cut off just as she was zapped.

  1. Jim changes her to a toddler.
  2. Jim changes her to a teen
  3. Jim changes her to a baby

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1/15/2006 1:43:52 AM

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