Jim realizes he is dead

Infinite AR - Episode 3590

Jim realized that he didnt just pass out he had died between the time he blacked out and the time he got up. Jim realized that he wasnt in heaven or in hell but in an empty room. There he saw a man.

Welcome Jim to the afterlife said the man.

Is this heaven or hell? asked Jim

Neither you are in Limbo here you may decided to be reborn in another form and turn your life around for better or worst or become a ghost and do 1000 good deeds in 1000 days or get a job as a mythical person (santa, etc) and work yourself up or down. Or you can stay here and do nothing for eternity.

Jim thought hard and decide to..

  1. Be reborn
  2. Become a ghost and do 1000 good deeds in 1000 days
  3. Become a mythical figure (santa, etc)
  4. Stay in limbo for eternity
  5. Hey wait, there is a door leading to heaven

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3/12/2006 9:49:21 PM

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