A trip to a Country Estate

Infinite AR - Episode 3580

A short while later 7 year old Jim was on a bus on his way to the country estate. It hadn't been easy getting the bus tickets in his current body's size; he had to make up a story about going to see his mother in the country. The story had apparently been convincing enough to get him the tickets and on his way to this mysterious mansion. He wondered who lived in the mansion and what possible reason they wanted him for and how they did this to him. He hoped he could get all these questions answered by going to this mansion. A few moments later the bus came to a halt by a very elegant driveway. Jim realized that is must be the place, so he gathered his belongings and made his way to the front of the bus. As he was about to go down the stairs he was stopped by the bus driver, "Hey kid, is it true that you are related to the lady that lives there?" "Yes that's true, why is something the matter?" Jim replied. "Well nothing per se but it's just that the lady of that house is known to be a bit of a strange one. There's always something weird going on at that house. Most people tend to stay away from that place. You're the first one that has ever voluntarily wanted to go to that mansion." "What do you mean I'm the first to voluntarily go there!?" Jim's question went unanswered as the bus closed the door and sped off down the road. As Jim went towards the mansion he wondered just what he had gotten himself into, was some kind crazy psychopath living there or were those stories only rumors? Jim had just passed the gates of the mansion when they swung shut behind him, surprising him greatly. "Well I guess I can't turn back now" Jim muttered to himself, who now believed that a crazy person did indeed live here. Jim walked up to the mansion's door and knocked twice when....

  1. He's greeted by the maid
  2. The door opened by itself
  3. No one answered
  4. SE

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