Sharon\\\'s Address

Infinite AR - Episode 3579

Jim took a guess and flipped to the residential section, turning to the \\\'C\\\' pages. It was easy to find Carjole Street from there, which was a relief. He didn\\\'t want to lose his education and forget about alphabetical order as well.

He ran his little finger down the page and stopped at 417 Carjole Street. Jim glanced at the phone number and memorised it quickly for reference, then turned his attention to the applicants column.

He froze.

417 Carjole Street belonged to Sharon Hunter. His girlfriend. At least, that\\\'s what the phone book said.

The problem was, she didn\\\'t live there. Jim had visited Sharon on a regular basis over the past six months - he knew her well enough to know her address. This didn\\\\\\\'t make sense.

Jim shook his head and closed the book. None of today\\\'s events made any real sense, and there was no reason why this should be an exception. It\\\'s not every day you wake up seventeen years younger than you were yesterday. If he was going to get through this, he needed to stay calm and expect the unexpected.

First, he needed a plan.

He had to get to that address, that was for sure. If anyone could turn him back from a first-grader to a grown man, it was the guy who called him. And that was the first problem. How was he going to get there? He couldn\\\'t drive - as a seven-year-old, he wouldn\\\'t be able to reach the pedals and look over the dashboard at the same time. Walking could take hours. It was too risky to catch a train or bus. Try as he might, Jim couldn\\\'t conjure a reasonable method of transportation.

He noticed a note pegged to the fridge door as he wandered into the kitchen, within his limited reach. Jim grabbed it and read:

Hi, Jim!

I had to run down to the petrol station to get some milk. If you get up before I come back, don\\\'t worry, I should be home by 7:30.



Jim glanced at the digital clock on the microwave. It ticked over to 7:23.

\\\"Shit,\\\" he muttered.

  1. Jim waits for his \\\\\\\'mommy\\\\\\\' to come home.
  2. Jim heads to 417 Carjole Street pronto.
  3. Jim calls 417 Carjole Street.

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