A Cruel Soiling

Infinite AR - Episode 35435

As the lower half of Jim's body began to sink slowly into the brown sludge he began hear a very loud, low, grumbling sound. This was much louder than the earlier sounds his stomach made and only meant one thing. He snapped out of his daze to find himself staring right at his brothers butt-hole. He saw it quivering and puckering and tried desperately to swim back up out of the poop, only to be submerged even more into the mess. He tried to scream but then was overtaken by a moist, stinky, loud, fart. His head started to spin as he deliriously and desperately tried to cover his nose, but was unable to even pull his hands out of the mess that had swallowed the lower half of his body. As soon as he began to try again to free himself he was soon hit with an explosion of wet, thick, slimy, poop. His entire body was completely drowned in this blast and he soon thought this would be the end. He dug deep within himself to put all the energy he had into surviving this ordeal and somehow managed to free his upper body once again from the mess. He forced his head out without looking up and ended up shooting his head up inside his brothers poop hole. He opened his mouth to scream once more and then almost as if on que his brother let out another explosion of warm, wet, diarrhea. The messy, nasty poop forced Jim's head out, but not without giving him a very cruel, unintentional feeding. His brother very uncomfortable and spent, plopped his butt down onto the floor.

  1. Jim is completely forced inside his brothers hole
  2. Jim is pushed into the depths of the mess
  3. Jim is crushed and killed
  4. Jim is squished between his brothers buttcheeks

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4/15/2014 11:37:17 PM

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