Nice and Fresh

Infinite AR - Episode 3503

Jim took the kid's clothes into the bathroom, hung them over the towel rack and ran himself a shower. He cleaned and dried himself off, climbed out and was just in the process of putting his pants on when the shower started running again.

Jim frowned and turned around to turn it off again. His little hand passed under the water and he jerked it back right away - it was scolding hot! He shrieked, winced and held the light burn, cringing in pain. Jim felt tears swelling up in his eyes. It was instinctive and there was nothing he could do about it. He was a seven-year-old boy now and he was just taking in pain like any other kid would.

Meanwhile, the shower ran at full force and the room started filling up with steam. Jim reached in with his left hand, more careful this time, and tried to turn it off. It was jammed, or at least he was too weak to turn it off by himself.

By now the steam rose to his knees, which wasn't very high considering he was a second-grader. Jim abandoned the shower and grabbed the rest of his clothes, heading for the door.

It was locked from the outside!

He pulled it as hard as he could (which wasn't very hard) but to no avail. The shower continued to let loose with hot water, drowning out all noise. Jim started to panic. He pounded his fists against the door and screamed, "Help! Someone! I'm stuck in here!"

The steam just kept building up. It was at his hip already and Jim was finding it hard to see his feet. He gave up on the door and tried to climb out the window, but it was too high for him to reach in his rejuvenated form.

After a few minutes, Jim couldn't see a thing through the mist of the rising steam. Feeling light-headed, he steadied himself on the floor. The world started to spin and he faded into unconsciousness...

  1. He wakes up in the middle of an open paddock.
  2. He wakes up in his bed, as an adult.

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5/2/2006 4:28:45 AM

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