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Infinite AR - Episode 3502

The last of the transformation took effect as Jim waited in the crib. He shrunk from a toddler into a one-year-old baby, which was a huge change considering his age had halved again. His pull-up shrunk into a real diaper. Jamie sat back, alarmed and confused about what had just happened.

He felt the comfortable squish of the diaper on his skin and smelt the hypnotizing scent of baby powder. It was so relaxing, so natural... Jamie found himself drifting off to sleep.

He woke up to find a woman staring down at him. His mummy? She had to be. She was holding a warm bottle of milk, after all. Still confused about last night's events and his sudden regression into a baby, Jamie nonetheless felt compelled to drink from it.

His mummy smiled and said something he no longer understood, then reached down and pulled her little baby out of the crib, cradling him in her arms. Jim sucked from the warm milk in the bottle, feeling the last of his doubt and confusion seep away. He forgot about ever being older, forgot everything he'd ever learnt, all in favour of the sweet simpilicity of infancy.

Jim was no longer an adult in body or in mind. He was a baby again.

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5/8/2006 6:34:56 AM

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