At least I got something right

Infinite AR - Episode 350

''Well at least I'm a girl,'' Jim said aloud.

''And will be staying that way for a pretty long while,'' one of the gangsters said approaching the control panel and looking it over critically. ''You've just undergone full pattern replacement without an original pattern storage module. You've got nothing to change back to, girl!''

''Ikes! Den I'mb stuck?'' the new little girl asked.

''More than that, you've shorted out the control panel,'' the gangster informed her. ''This machine is the only one of its kind, and the guy who created it ain't around no more, if you catch my drift. So you're in a fix all right, little girl.''

''Dat's all right,'' andother thug butted in. ''We don't need any more gender type transformations around here anyways, not when we can age reduce people to however young we want 'em, right boss?''

''In the grand scheme of things for my plan, yes, Roy. The age regression chamber still functions and that will keep me in business for quite a long time,'' the leader said turning to face Claudine. ''So that makes you our last sex change around here. We don't want word getting around about this little mess, okay? So we'll just keep this business to ourselves.''

''You mean, boss, for us to make like she was always a girl?'' Roy asked.

''Exactly the point, dear fellow,'' the leader agreed. ''Ugly little thing like that and no one in the world is going to think she came from one of our machines, right? And it's best that nobody learns of it either. I may need to sell one of these old modles some day for some quick cash and I don't need pogo-tooth around to mess up my business transactions. So get rid of her now.''

One of the thugs pulls out a ray gun and aims it at Jim and then pulls the trigger.....

  1. Jim is engulfed in a blinding flash of light...
  2. alternate reality

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