Dolly Minus Plastic Surgery

Infinite AR - Episode 3488

Jim decided to see what Dolly Parton might look like older. He concentrated on seeing her at 65 without the benefit of plastic surgery. The picture in the magazine he stared at began to change, and the next thing he knew she showed crows feet around the eyes, some jowls, and her breasts were softer and sagged.Her throat looked a bit crepey too, and her hair had turned a mix of blonde and white. At the same moment, the real Dolly getting ready to perform onstage gasped and then fainted as she looked into her mirror. "That was way cool," Jim thought, and then decided to

  1. make Dolly even older
  2. make someone else younger
  3. use the power on himself
  4. something else
  5. visit his girlfriend

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Ms. Monique

8/9/2006 2:27:55 PM

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