Shorter than a speeding Danny Devito

Infinite AR - Episode 34781

Jim slowly came to and found himself in a large empty warehouse. He looked around and saw the thugs and the little girl. Her red necklace was missing.That's when he felt something around his own neck and discovered that he was wearing it now.

"Ah, the boy of steel is awake, I see." the girl said, "That's red kryptonite, Superboy. Well, maybe not quite super anymore. I doubt you could outrun a parade float, let alone a speeding bullet."

Recognizing the danger, he leapt to his feet and tore the necklace off of him, taking care not to touch the gem. He looked at the girl, who just kept laughing at him, and eerily enough, was at eye level, "That was a very strong piece. After THAT much contact, it's highly unlikely that the effects are anything but permanent. No linger the defender of truth, justice, and the American way, you are now just a normal boy, and that's what you'll be for the rest of your life. Normal, weak, and small. Oh you'll grow up of course, but assuming my math's right, your not getting past five foot two and a hundred and thirty pounds. Lex will be so pleased with my work."

"Lex?" he said groggily, before he could be propperly shocked by his girlish voice.

"That's right Clark. The day belongs to Lex corp. and to many prosperous ventures, without a Superman in the-"

"I'm sorry, but who's Clark?" he asked, "My name's Jim."

"Look, kid this is fanfiction branching off of an online interactive story about age regression. Logic isn't welcome here."

"Did you just break the fourth wall?"

"Oh, yeah!"

Will our hero find a way out of this dastardly trap! Will someone with actual knowledge of the comics be able to find a fault and save him? Or will Jim be forced to accept life as scrawny little Jimmy, in a town that is eternally trapped in the nineteen-twenty-nineties? No, no, and yes respectively. In short, his goose is cooked.

  1. Epilogue
  2. Supes moves in with Jimmy

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