Lemonade literally brings out her inner child

Infinite AR - Episode 34747

A woman who looked a little older than Henry and Lucy's mother had been came up to their lemonade stand and asked for a cup of lemonade, the kids were a little hesitant at first but in the end just decided that if it happened once, it couldn't possibly happen again. So the woman got her cup and began to drink it. She then looked at Henry and Lucy's mother happily playing by herself with all the toys in the front yard. "Your sister over there looks like she's having a lot of fun." The lady noticed. "Oh, she's not-" Lucy began before Henry interrupted. "She's not our sister, she's a friend of ours who came over." Henry quickly said. "Well that's nice, I really wish my friends were close by so I could have a fun time with them." The lady said before drinking the rest of her lemonade. Henry and Lucy were at first relieved but then saw that the woman was becoming their own age just like their mother had become. "Hey, I want to play too!" The now regressed woman declared happily as she went over to play with the kids regressed mother. Henry and Lucy were just baffled from all of this. "Henry we gotta do somethin' or else mommy and that other lady won't be older again." Lucy pleaded. Henry looked at their lemonade and came to a conclusion. "I think I got it. Our lemonade is making big people little, so it could make little people like you and me big." Henry came to the idea. Henry gave himself a cup and Lucy herself got a cup of lemonade to drink too. Across the street, Jim saw that the kids were about to drink down their own lemonade and he was ready to change them. As they drank down, Henry and Lucy...

  1. Henry and Lucy become Teenagers in body only
  2. Henry and Lucy become Teenagrs in mind and body
  3. Henry and Lucy become Adults in body only
  4. Henry and Lucy become Adults in mind and body
  5. Something Else

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