The Worst Fate Imaginable.

Infinite AR - Episode 34742

Jim, clinging to his brother's bits, shifted trying to get comfortable. He didn't want to fall into the poopy mess below, as his hips began to accidentally hump against his brother. This was a massive mistake, as that sent a nerve through his brother, making him giggle.

Jim did not anticipate what happened next, as his brother's bits began to slowly erect. He was surprised at this, as his brother suddenly jostled the entire diaper. This got Jim stuck between the diaper and his brother's bits, as his brother began to hump his giant bits into him.

Jim squirmed, trying not to budge, as he knew it would only end up in meeting a poopy end down below. He thought he could try and work his way out of this... Could he? It was hard to know, as his brother began to repeatedly hump against him, pounding him deeper into the padding.

His brother pounded at him for a good solid few minutes; Jim becoming a crater in the padding, as a silhouette of him being seen on the outside of the diaper. His brother kept going at it, humping and humping until he began to pee out a goopy liquid. Jim was splattered in it as he tried to cry, not wanting to ingest it.

The diaper began to swell up, making it harder for Jim to stay in his personal padded prison. The diaper squished all against him, forcing him out, facing a full torrent of the sticky pee his brother was making.

Jim laid there, stuck between his brother's bits and the swelling diaper. The mess below starting to look pretty good right about now, he thought. He soon got his wish as his brother's bits began to shrivel back to their normal baby size. The sticky grasp on him between his brother's penis and the diaper loosening on him.

He stuck to the padding for a minute, trying to process what just happened to him, as he began a slow descent into the messy poop below. It quickly sped up, as it ended with him making a splash.

  1. Jim survives.
  2. Jim flails in the poopy mess and drowns.
  3. More Poop!
  4. Pee!

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