Jim of ARarchive makes an announcement.

Infinite AR - Episode 34380

The main protagonist of ARarchive (Jim, Sharon... Whatever character you know of) sat at a table with a white cloth in formal wear. "Hello there my infinite age changers! I'm Jim and this is Sharon, you may remember us from the infinite stories you have made with us! we would like to tell you about my new invention!" We then see see a giant cube with a screen No keyboard. Sharon then specks " This device will allow us to interact with other franchises such as Pokemon, Avatar the last airbender and other well known entertainments." She tells the audience. Jim then took over "I made this device to let people decide weather or not to be interested in our characters and stories or go with a different section just for all these other franchises instead of just... Adding them out of nowhere.... It will do the same thing you have done to us but to other people of your choice. Here is some catalogs to choose what you want to do and please feel free to expand the list. Thank you and Enjoy and have fun!" He said and then set up the machine.

  1. Video games.
  2. Anime
  3. Movies
  4. Tv shows
  5. Books

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Sky Watch (I'm pretty sure this is alright, please tell me if it isn't though.)

3/5/2014 9:29:36 PM

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