Jim Returns

Infinite AR - Episode 34294

Katie was going to use the device one more time, Jim was going to be reformed but thanks to the luck, Jim take a portable mirror that dropped Shanon when she was transformed, because all of the changes, Shanon and Katie didn't notice the mirror but Jim noticed just in time and reflected the ray of the gun to Katie that begin to shrink until she was now around six years old and dropped the ray gun, just in time for Jim to take it. -Well Katie, i think you are now the little sister -No!!! Give me the gun Jimmie, im big sister Say Katie in her now childish voice, but Jim smiled as he appointed the gun, he didn't remembered how to use, but after he see how Katie brainwashed Sharon he learned a little...

  1. Jim return to normal and spank Katie
  2. Jim don't return to normal and regress Sharon to her age
  3. Jim destroy the gun
  4. Sharon take the gun because is a dangerous toy for Jim

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2/27/2014 10:07:26 PM

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