Infinite AR - Episode 34231

The pee was too much and he was forced to let go. He fell straight down the wet diaper, he was there so long he fell asleep. Jim awoke suddenly when his mom yelled " Dinner time!!!" Jim knew what this ment, he had to move but his arms and legs were stuck to the diaper and he couldn't move. Then his mom picked up his brother and was about to seat him down and the only thing that Jim could think was " Don't crush me." Then his mom put his brother down and Jim could feel tons of pressure and Jim just wanted it to end.

  1. The pressure is too much and he dies.
  2. His brother farts.
  3. His brother does #2.
  4. Jim decides it's best to go inside his butt.
  5. He slips to where his brothers balls are.

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6/21/2014 2:38:15 PM

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