Shaft of Safety

Infinite AR - Episode 34229

It was hard for Jim to get out of the soggyness of his brothers diaper. The wetness prevented Jim from getting up and soon he found himself underneath his brother's gigantic ball sack. Suddenly his brother fell on his butt, forcing his brothers sack into Jim's face and entire body. Taking this opportunity Jim grabbed onto his brothers balls and climbed out of the diaper below.

It took Jim a while before he could reach his brothers shaft as it Jim was weak and tired from earlier, coupled with the fact that each of his brothers testicles were the length of a Limousine. Throughout the climb Jim's cheeks blushed bright red as his own balls touched his brothers.

Jim finally reached his destination and straddled the shaft like he was riding a horse. Almost as soon as Jim caught his breath he heard a low gurgle. Fearing the worst, Jim hugged his baby brothers gigantic dong as hard as he could.

Within minutes his brother started to fill the seat of his diaper with a fresh load of poop. It must have been something with his stomach or he had a lot to eat recently because from what Jim could see and smell the poo reached all the way to his brothers sack. Jim was thankful that he was able to get out of that area before hand but now Jim clung to his brothers penis for fear of falling into the pool of stink that laid below him.

Straddling his brothers penis while it uncomfortably rubbed against his butt, Jim's only change of avoiding a poopy fate was to hold out until the next change. Jim couldn't decide what was worse, the fact that he was hugging his brothers dick, the threat of being lost to the sea of poop, the uncomfortable moistness from getting a golden shower, or the fact his baby brothers dinky was bigger than his

  1. Jim holds out for a change
  2. He holds out but accidentally falls during the change into the horrors below
  3. He has to wait an entire night before escaping
  4. Jim starts to hump his brothers dong

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