Together at 55

Infinite AR - Episode 34193

As the two pulled away, they took a second to take the image in of the other. Both were now 55 years old. Katie wore her red hair just below her shoulders in soft curls, and there were touches of white in her bangs. She wore red linen slacks and black cotton top, along with a black and white geometric design jacket. She had gained a few pounds and had a nice curvy look to her, as well as cheekbones that stood out and a touch of crow's feet. "Well sweets, what do you think?" "You have always been so lovely to me," replied Jim, as he noticed they now both wore wedding rings. Jim now wore a black polo shirt and blue jeans,and he looked more husky. His face appeared weathered and his hair was a short mostly gray cut. "Oh dear, but I just can't get enough of you though, even after all these years," Katie informed him, as she began to feel quite warm. "Oh James dear," would you turn on the air for me, I feel so warm all of a sudden. "Absolutely my love," he informed her, and went out of the room and adjusted the temperature. When he got back...

  1. Katie was even older
  2. Katie had the remote aimed at him
  3. he felt strange
  4. Katie has rearranged the room
  5. Katie has gained a few pounds

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