Katie and Jim get younger

Infinite AR - Episode 34189

As the remote's flash dims, Katie and Jim pull away from each other. As Jim lay on the ground, a vicious spark is heard, with a black smoke following shortly afterward. As Jim gets up, a look of horror spreads across his face. Standing there is a 8 year old Katie, and the remote, in a state beyond repair. Katie stands up and walks over to Jim, towering over him. "Jim is that you?" Katie asks with a look of laughter. "You can't be no more than 2 years old!" A soft giggle escapes her lips. Jim said in response "You can't be no more den eight years old!" In a rather rude tone. Katie then stares at the broken remote for a second, then at her flat, childish figure. "I will get you for this!" Katie said with a face of hatred and emotion.

  1. Katie chases Jim
  2. Jim hides in a crevice Katie can't fit through
  3. Katie catches Jim
  4. Katie steps in a ooze seeping out of the device

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2/22/2014 2:04:36 PM

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