Jim and Jodie, just grown up friends?

Infinite AR - Episode 34086

"So Jim, how have you been doing in the dating area?" Jodie in her now womanly voice asked. Jim thought of a story to tell her since he still remained his normal mind while she had the mind of a thirty year old woman. "Okay I guess. I mean I don't think I've really met that special woman yet." Jim confessed. While he did make up that story, it was true even when he was younger that he couldn't really get a girlfriend and now was probably a single father guessing that one or more of the regressed adults in the backyard with himself and Jodie were his kid. "I know who you feel. Ever since Stan walked out on me before my girl was born, I've been a little wary of men who come on to me." Jodie said. "Well at least you've got me." Jim joked. "Yeah." Jodie said with a chuckle. They remained silent for a while until Jodie said to Jim...

  1. "So, would you like to go out some time?"
  2. "I know this friend who you might like."
  3. Something Else

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