Jim and Jodie in their 30s

Infinite AR - Episode 34082

Jim stopped the device when it indicated that the two of them were in their thirties. Jim looked at himself to see that he aged quite well, a little facial hair on him but not too much, and he looked like his weight was rather good. Jim looked to see Jodie had aged gracefully into her thirties. If Jim didn't know that this woman in front of him were his sister, he might actually ask h er out. Jodie's hair had gone from a bob cut to a little past her shoulders and though she had put on a little weight, Jim still thought she looked kind of cute. Jodie looked over at Jim and said to him...

  1. "Jim, how are we suddenly older?" (Jodie still has all her memories)
  2. "So Jim, have you been dating recently?" (Jodie is now a guest at the party and friend to Jim)
  3. "Honey, are any more kids coming to the party?" (Jodie and Jim are now husbanda and wife)
  4. Something Else

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