10 year old pool party

Infinite AR - Episode 34068

Jim used the device on his neighbors and almost instantly they were 10 year-old children just like his parents and grandmother. However he also took this time to use another button on his device which altered their clothes so they would be wearing pool clothes and be the right size too. Jim's neighbors then dashed around the fence to where the rest of his regressed family was having a good time. The boys and girls acted like 10 year old boys and girls would, each thought the other was gross and neither one thought the other looked cute and they splashed each other whilst in the pool. They all were creating quite a noise that alerted someone to the backyard. Jim looked to see it was....

  1. More of his parents friends, you know what that means...
  2. His sister who wondered who all the little kids were
  3. His brother who wondered who the kids were
  4. More adult relatives of his
  5. Someone Else

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2/18/2014 4:11:18 PM

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