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Infinite AR: Mommy Becomes The Baby [Episode 33968]

Mommy Becomes The Baby

Infinite AR - Episode 33968

Henry and Lucy are shocked as they watch their mother Doris suddenly begin getting younger -- and she doesn't seem to notice anything but her lemonade. Through her thirties in a matter of seconds, she doesn't seem to notice that anything is wrong. Even as she hits her younger twenties she seems oblivious to the changes and wrapped up in her drink. The kids simply gawk, too amazed to say anything.

Jim, meanwhile, watches, silently celebrating this powerful feeling and his genius in creating the remote. He is too wrapped up in his success with the device to consider what may happen to the woman, and in his haste, he left the beam set to regress the woman to newborn infancy.

Henry and Lucy get more shocked by the second as they watch their mother become a high schooler and rapidly continue towards reverse puberty. She became shorter more quickly passing sixteen, more and more gaining body fat and losing tone and figure. She seemed completely oblivious to the changes, even as she rounds age ten heading the wrong way and her clothes begin to engulf her increasingly smaller frame. Hitting single-digit age and continuing quickly towards infancy, Doris doesn't notice the fact that she is shorter, becoming rapidly more pudgy and juvenile in appearance. She is really wrapped up in her lemonade, which she is by this point getting mainly all over herself and her increasingly oversized clothes as her dexterity evaporates along with her remaining years.

Finally, Henry finds his voice, tinged with terror and urgency as his mother retreats from primary school back into daycare age, "Mommy! You're shrinking! You're gettin' way littler than us! You're like a little baby!"

"Nuh-uh, meany. I wear a Pull-Ups now, an' I'm not da mommy, I'm da baby sister, dumb-dumb." Doris retorted with a toddler's indignant whine from being accused of being a diaper baby. She was finally appearing to pay some attention to her surroundings but obviously was losing her battle with the infantile mentality that replaced the former mother's personality. Her mind appeared to be regressing completely into her new physical age, if not a little immature. She didn't feel any younger than she did yesterday or the day before -- she figured her brother Henry was just being a stupid mean boy as usual.

Henry could only gawk dumbly at his sister Lucy, in complete shock by his mother's sudden complete mental regression from mother to toddler in less than five minutes. She was acting exactly like he would expect a two or three-year-old girl, if that, and it terrified Henry even more that their mother seemed to seamlessly be transitioning mentally into infancy just as quickly as she physically seemed to be. In fact, she was acting completely like a baby now -- her thumb was planted firmly in her mouth and she didn't seem to have any regard for her sudden lack of potty training. She didn't even seem to notice as she peed and pooped all over herself, her stunned children looking on.

Lucy stared in rapt amazement at her former mother as she headed into the babyhood home stretch. By now she was already a tiny older toddler, maybe just barely three years old and heading rapidly towards the terrible twos for the second time. Her lemonade was finally gone, but she didn't seem to be any more aware of becoming smaller. To her, she was the baby, and she loved acting like a baby, so everything felt right and she wasn't worried in the slightest. The big kids would take care of the baby. She had embraced her new identity fully, although by now she had no recollection of any other identity at all.

Jim watches from across the street still enjoying the rush of power that controlling the very fabric of time itself and the age of those around him afforded, but he started to get nervous when she starts to head so deep into infancy, leaving toddlerhood behind. He hadn't set the age on the remote prior to firing, nor had he checked to see if the mentality regression was switched on (which it was) but he was becoming more anxious since the woman was more and more apparently headed for a point prior to her birth. Jim loved the power of controlling people's ages, but he wasn't a malicious person for the most part. He just hoped he'd be able to fix it before she needed a new womb to call home for 9 months or something.

She was close by now, having surrendered her ability to walk as it simply left her as she hit about a year old. She didn't seem at all aware of what was going on any more, crawling her way out of her dress and laying down on the grass in her own front yard, a naked infant who continued to get more and more tiny by the second. Her kids were so awestruck they didn't seem to have any idea what to do. They knelt next to her and tried vainly to call out for her to stop shrinking, to go back to being mommy. She couldn't understand a word of what they said, but she seemed to appreciate the attention, cooing placidly back to her now much older children based solely on the fact that she vaguely knew the voice as someone she knew. She didn't seem to be able to speak or understand words any longer anyhow, mewling and whining a bit as she rolled onto her back in the grass, legs and arms no longer able to crawl as she reached her first month of life again, heading quickly for the womb. She peed and pooped all over the grass and herself as potty training was long gone, but she no longer had the inhibition to care or mind in the slightest about anything less primal than being fed. She was only a few days old at the most by now. Jim had to decide quickly what he was going to do.

Finally, after waiting for the process to come to an end until the very last moment, Jim had to make a decision on what to do. Doris only had a few minutes of life left, if that. By now Henry and Lucy had become frantic -- they were desperately trying to call out plaintively to their infant mother, but she simply cooed or cried in response and reached out to be picked up, recognizing the bigger kids as her family in only the most infantile, caregiver recognition. As the former woman began to become a poster child for the helplessness and innocence of being a newborn infant, Jim finally decided to...

  1. Age progress the children to be their mother's parents and hope regression stabilizes
  2. Age progress Doris back to her 40s right away
  3. Try to stabilize Doris' age but leave her a newborn
  4. Regress the kids to infancy to join their mother
  5. Coldly observe to determine what happens when people are regressed to pre-birth by the remote

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