Mom into best friend

Infinite AR - Episode 33967

The children at the lemonade stand had watched as their mother was reduced to their age and her clothes didn't change with her but instead got large and baggy. "Mommy, what happened to you?" The daughter asked. "Mommy? Lucy, I'm your best friend, 'member?" The regressed mother said as she spotted her kids playground outside on the front lawn and went to play on it. "Mommy's a little kid like us now." The brother said. "Yeah, and she don't remember being a mommy either." The sister, Lucy, noted. "Our lemonade must've changed her." The brother, Henry, guessed. "Maybe we should try it ourselves to see if it changes us?" Lucy suggested. "No way, mommy turned into a little girl, we might turn into babies." Henry warned. So the kids decided to....

  1. Henry and Lucy try their lemonade
  2. Henry just tries the lemonade
  3. Lucy just tries the lemonade
  4. Another customer approaches
  5. Jim decides to do something else instead

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3/2/2014 7:57:56 AM

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