Miss Lyle, the 5 year old

Infinite AR - Episode 33835

Miss Lyle looked at herself and was in complete shock and surprise. "Grace, what did you do to me?!" A very young Miss Lyle panicked. "You sound funny now Miss Lyle." Grace giggled a little. "This isn't funny Grace, I can't be this old! No, I SHOULDN'T be this old!" Little Miss Lyle complained. "You volunteered Miss Lyle and I used my show and tell project on you." Grace reminded her. "But...but..." Miss Lyle was at a loss for words, she had indeed volunteered and it was her own fault in the end, she couldn't really blame Grace. "Does anyone else want to volunteer now? I can make you older if you want." Grace asked the rest of her class.

  1. A boy classmate volunteered
  2. A girl classmate volunteered
  3. Grace changes herself
  4. The entire class volunteers
  5. Something Else

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2/11/2014 3:40:36 PM

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